Guess why I call it my Christian Tool Cabinet… Wait for it…


See the cross in the door?  I designed this cabinet thinking the look was original until I saw something very similar in a book on Shaker style furniture.  They called the style a Christian cabinet because of the cross pattern in the door. I liked the name, so there you go.  The radiating pattern of the grain in the panels may be original, but I’m sure it has been done before. After all, there is nothing new under the sun.

Bob Jones

2 thoughts on “Keeper of the Tools

  1. Randy

    I had eagerly followed your posting on SMC regarding your tool cabinet. What you accomplished with your door design and the execution of it was inspiring. I am delighted to now learn of your blog. I have been searching for a blog that did not espouse “woodworking is my religion.” I am looking forward to reading more postings by you, now on your own blog.


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