And behind door number one…

Ok, the first logical question is “what’s in the cabinet?”


I could tell you piece by piece, from memory, but why bother? The tools that are needed to build furniture have already been nicely explained by woodworkers with real working knowledge. If you want to know what you need to build furniture just check out one of these 2 books (or both).
“Hand Tools for Woodworkers” by Robert Wearing. A straightforward explanation of everything needed in a small shop by a great classic teacher. It is out of print, but usually pretty cheap on amazon.

“The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” by Christopher Schwarz. Great book. It is even fun to read, and that is strange in the woodworking world. Don’t think it is just about a tool chest. Most of the book is about what goes in the chest and why. Lots of “why”, which is also rare in woodworking writing. That is where the book pays for itself. Beware, Chris rates the language at pg-13, but in my opinion it is no worse than most modern cartoons. Noted this book is not cheap in any way. It will encourage you to spend lots of money. Of course, it can keep you from wasting money on stuff that you shouldn’t buy. You have been warned.

Besides, what is in my tool cabinet is not really relevant to you. Why? I bought tools that I wanted and I only keep the ones that I enjoy using. Your list will vary. The worst thing you could do would be assume that you need everything in my cabinet. If you are going to follow someone that closely, don’t let it be me.



Bob Jones

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