I approve this message

I believe in supporting good businesses. I think most ww’s do. So I thought I would share my favorites list.


New tools
Lee Valley – Basically everything Veritas is great and customer service can not be beaten. You don’t need everything they sell, but you will want it.

Lie Nielsen – Top shelf woodworking handtools. I really like their saws and planes. I hope to own their chisels one day. You can not go wrong with anything they sell.

Tools for working wood – Gramercy tools are top notch. Joel’s product line is focused and his customer service in on par with LV and LN. I was lucky enough to visit his shop once. He encouraged me to return anything that I didn’t like. He pays the return shipping.

Craftsman studio – I have never met Bill (owner), but I hope to one day. I order from him regularly. Great stuff and solid advice. Call him and be impressed.

Grainger – What is a big national chain doing here? When it comes to power tools (drills, grinders, circular saws) forget the big box stores. Grainger sells much better power tools and if you work for a big company you may get a big discount. Check with your purchasing dept.

Used tools
Brass City Records – Walt is great. I let him keep my credit card.
Bill Rittner – He makes custom hand plane handles that are better than the originals. They are a real treat.
Patrick Leach – More expensive than Walt, but keeps more on hand at any given time.
Tablesaw Tom – You will find him at Woodnet. I’ve never bought from him, but his reputation is outstanding.

Lost Art Press. Big surprise if you’ve read my other entries. Yes there are other good publishers, but LAP is my favorite.

Local for Memphis TN
Newnon Greene. Almost the only game in town. No exotics but great prices on common sizes of domestic favorites.

Tools, wood, and custom work
The woodwork shop inc. the only real game in town. MrFloyd is great. Super helpful. Classes offered on monday nights. I just wish it was closer to me.

Pro woodworker and nice guy
Scott Banburry. He sold me the cherry for my first “fine” project and opened my eyes to the world of hand tools. I complained to him about the limitations of my homeowner grade power tools and he quickly showed me how hand planes, saws, and chisels remove limitations.  He has a sawmill, too. Brilliant.

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