Completed Shelf


Well, here it is. It was a relatively quick project and it was a fun build. It was an original design that worked out nicely and my wife is happy with it.  Win Win.   It’s also nice that I gained more confidence with hand cut dadoes.


This shelf was necessary to pave the way for a new cherry dresser. It will be a similar size to the one pictured. I didn’t want a DVD player to sit on top of a new cherry dresser, because it would eventually ruin the color of the top as the new cherry darkens only surfaces that are exposed to light. I’ve seen pictures of cherry that was partially covered for a while and I don’t want that to happen to something that is going to take months of free time to build.  This shelf was so simple, I can replace it if that ever happens.  If you would like to see the rest of the build, click on the “simple shelf” category on the right.  I hope you found this info helpful.


Next up, a cherry “dresser” – or low chest of drawers.  Stick around!


Bob Jones

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