Free demo this weekend


If anyone in the Memphis, TN area reads this blog you can come to “the woodwork shop, inc” on Saturday, March 2nd (2013) and see a free demonstration on “Bench Plane Basics“.  I’ve never taught a class before, or even used planes in front of others so if you come out, please be gentle.

I plan to cover the very basics, so this will be geared for beginners. I think I will focus on 2 things.  First, the basic pieces of a plane.  I know it is hard to believe but at one point I did not know the “frog” from the “tote”.  Second, bench planes for a power tool shop.  That should reach the people in the shop on Saturday.


If it goes well, I may be invited for the longer Monday night format.  Then I could go into more details like tuning, restoring, and using the “system of 3” that Chris Schwarz described in the last installment of “Woodworking” magazine.  That is a great article.


I hope we have a good showing!

Bob Jones

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