Build a dresser – Getting ideas together


I start work on most projects by gathering thoughts with pen and paper and designing with compromises in mind.  The dimensions of this cabinet (dresser) will be determined by these 3 things; making the design as useful as possible, creating good proportions, and the sizes of my best cherry lumber.

Generally speaking you can either buy lumber to build to a plan or plan around the lumber you have.  The first option is smarter but since my second hobby is buying lumber on craigslist I usually end up with option #2.  So, when I am starting a design I give myself lots of options.  Notice in the sketch that most dimensions are tolerances (an acceptable range).  I take these guidelines out to my pile of lumber and start the search.  The heights of the drawers will be determined by the width of the best matching boards I can find.  The depth of the cabinet will be based on the widest boards I can find. You get the idea.

lumber pile

I’m a little nervous that my stash is running out and I may need to go to the lumberyard to finish. Time to get “digging”.  I’ll pick the longest and most visible pieces first – the top and drawer fronts.  Stay tuned!

Bob Jones

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