New lumber source in Memphis, TN


It just doesn’t take much to get me excited about lumber. At the bench plane demo a few days ago, another Memphis woodworker told me about the “new” Woodland Tree Products lumber yard. I knew about Woodland Tree Services because I have seen their trucks in town removing “problem” trees. I figured that they just wasted the trees by mulching them or something, but I was wrong. Any lumber-worthy trunks get sawn, stacked, dried, and sold. Woodland sells lumber and finished furniture and I was impressed with both. From the pictures, you can see that they have a lot of lumber on the ground. Some is sawn as “dimensional lumber” and some as slabs (my preference). Their prices are fair – not cheap, but not crazy, and their products are really great.

I went to check it out because I know that I will not have enough cherry left in my stash to complete my dresser project. I prefer to work with wide boards so I do less glue up. After a little looking I left with three black cherry boards (1 1/8in x 12in x 9ft) that were very clear. They were sequentially cut from the same log, they came from Memphis, and were saved from the landfill/fireplace. Nice.


Oh, and hats off to the guys there that did all the digging for the boards for me. That is unique for a lumber yard and a nice service! They have lots of black cherry and black walnut, my preferred species. Of course, they also had some +20in wide clear cypress that may need to follow me home soon…

Thanks Woodland, I will be returning!


Bob Jones

PS – Woodland is not the only good lumber source in town. There is also Mr Greene (901)-828-9531 and the woodwork shop. It is great to have options.

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