Patchwork not required


Like most woodworkers, I watch more than one internet forum on occasion.  It is a good way to get ideas for projects and get help when you are stuck.  In a recent post on woodnet, I saw this great walnut chest and I requested that the builder let me post it here on my blog.  Why feature another craftsman’s labor? Because I was so impressed with his design and usage of premium materials.  See for yourself.


I really see no room from improvement. I really like walnut and I’m glad to see such premium boards used appropriately (not cut into skinny pieces).  Here are a few of the facts from the craftsman.

“I did not want to glue up any panels… This walnut chest was built from two boards, around 24in wide that grew next to each other (sequentially cut). Both where 5/4 and ended up around 7/8in. The carcass was built from one board, cut to stay in order around the chest, and the top from the second “book matched” to the front section.  The carcass is 37 1/2″ wide, 18″ high, and 17″ deep, with a total height of 21 1/2″ with base. Top is 38 1/2″ long and 17 1/2″ wide.”


Thanks to Doug for letting me repost!  I hope this post will give others good ideas of how to use premium lumber.  By the way, this lumber did not come from some super secret location. He bought it from Irion Lumber, which sells lumber to anyone in the US willing to pay for lumber + shipping.  Looking at their website is making want to burn the cherry scraps that I am piecing together for my dresser project and give them a lot of cash.  I have to get off the internet now…

There are other premium lumber suppliers online.  I bought the cherry for my trestle table (see past projects page) from Groff & Groff lumber and there are numerous others. Thanks for reading!

Bob Jones

1 thought on “Patchwork not required

  1. Doug

    Excellent post, looking forward to following your blog and catching your thoughts on the craft. Thanks for the kind words. Be well


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