Don’t go out to the shop when…

The kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes. That may not be “your job”, but you better get to it before you make shavings.

Your home’s floors are covered with dirt tracked in by kids, pets, neighbors. Stop. Do not be dumb – clean the floors.


The children are currently screaming. I know it is tempting but do not fall for this illusion of escape. It will haunt you – soon.

Your spouse is obviously not happy – it will only make it worse.


You received the “I’m having a hard day” plea from your spouse earlier in the day. It may not have been those exact words, but you got the point. Take the time to provide needed relief and it will pay rich dividends.


If you have visitors. Crazy, right? They should understand you need alone time, but they probably do not. Wait until they leave to head out.


Just for fun, add your experiences in the comments section! (Please keep them family friendly)

Bob Jones

2 thoughts on “Don’t go out to the shop when…

  1. Nathan Best

    I would add: Don’t go to the shop when you’re dressed to go out.

    I cant tell you how many times I’ve gotten ready before my wife or had some time before I’ve had to leave and thought to myself “I’ll just pop into the shop for a spell”. Normally ends with me having a torn short/pants or getting something dirty on me that requires me to change.


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