Free-cycled sharpening station


Free-cycling is all the rage now, but us cheapskates have been doing this forever. Here is a “free” option for a nice sharpening station.  This chunk of granite is the cutout from a kitchen sink.  The size just happens to make a nice sharpening station.


I use this piece as an attachment point for sandpaper for flattening plane bottoms and as a surface to hold my water stones.


I place the water stones on top of drawer liner material.  For honing a blade or two at a time the liner absorbs the water until it can evaporate away.  This makes very little mess and is a nice solution for the $.  Assuming you are not getting granite countertops installed, see somewhere that sells it and they may sell you a similar piece for cheap.

I was going to make some nice legs for it and make it stand alone, but for the last 4 years it has been setting on a larger tabletop and that works well.  Plus, I’m out of space.

Bob Jones

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