Woodworking – on a different scale


I have spent almost no time in the shop recently but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working with wood.  I just finished this large outdoor structure – a kids fort which could double as a 2 story deck.  I know this isn’t furniture related, but skills learned in the shop definitely made this project easier!

I guess I’m posting this in case anyone reading is considering building one and is looking for ideas.


Here is the extent of the “joinery”.  The posts are 4×6’s which are connected in one direction with 2×8’s bolted with 1/2 diameter nuts and bolts.  On top of those are 2×6’s spaced about 13in apart, and then decking planks on top.  Let’s just say that it can hold as many people as will fit in it.  I’m a little over the top with sturdy structures.  The bottom floor is 8ftx10ft.  The front is flush with the “berm” and the back side is about 6ft off the ground.


I cut a small door in our fence in the backyard.  The fort is completely behind the fence, but still on our lot.  Our lot backs up to a train track and has a view of the horse pasture on the other side.  It really is a pretty nice view.


There is a simple ladder that goes to the second floor, which is about 6 feet in the air in the front, and 12 ft in the air in the back (because of the berm).

fort3 fort5

I think the fence pickets around the top help it blend in to the environment and make it feel more like a fort.  This was a lot of work, but the kids love it!  Maybe now I can get more shop time.

Bob Jones

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