Woodland comes through again


I’ll just call this what it is – a big time gloat.  I recently went to Woodland tree service in search of cherry worthy of my current dresser project.  While looking for the cherry I saw a pile of really wide boards.  Turns out they were cypress and at least 22inches wide.  I inquired on the price and after a bit of negotiation I decided that I needed a few of them.  How much? $40 per board for 22in wide, 6ft long, 5/4 thick.  You can do the math and see this was a great buy.  So, I did what any reasonable person would, I bought 7 of them.


Sure, I have a small truck – but these boards really fill it up!

What am I going to make?  Whatever I want, naturally.  I expect that one board (with the most defects) will be cut into drawer sides/backs.  The rest will either be a nice tool chest or maybe a 6 board chest for the house.  This is officially the widest lumber that I have ever purchased and I am really excited to see how it will work out.

Why buy boards this wide? Isn’t that just a hassle? Not with hand planes.  With hand planes it is much easier to plane one wide board flat and smooth than to join up multiple boards (in my opinion).

FYI – They had several more boards.  If you live near Memphis I suggest you pick up at least a few.

Bob Jones

4 thoughts on “Woodland comes through again

  1. Doug

    Another nice score, still no cherry though for the dresser project? I’ve never even seen cypress up North, what is it like to work with, and finish?



    1. bobjones2000

      I have only used cypress once before as drawer sides for a tall chest that I built (on my past projects page). It was easy to work with (plane & chisel) but I did not apply any finish. I suspect it would do well with paint, but perhaps not with stain. The main thing I have noticed is that it is VERY light weight. Of course, my frame of reference is basically just cherry, walnut, and Southern Yellow Pine.


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