Quick Review – Splinter puller extraordinaire!


I may be that last woodworker on earth to know about this contraption, but I doubt it.  This slick little number is a nice set of tweezers (stiff & sharp) connected to a decent magnifying glass.  Brilliant!  Now I can easily pull splinters out of my finger with one hand.  Before, I had to use my unaided eyes or arrange some way to hold a magnifier.  My eyesight is good, but some of things that get under your skin are really tiny!  I picked it up at the woodwork shop while buying a new grinding wheel.  It was less than $10 and was made in the USA!  This little gem will be on my “must buy list” if i ever make one.


Sure, there was a Chinese copy priced $4 cheaper, but these looked a bit nicer and were produced at home.  These Miracle Point magnifying tweezers earned a spot in the tool cabinet right away.

Bob Jones

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