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I’m glad to say that the woodwork shop invited me back for another Saturday morning demo (free!) and a Monday evening class.  First, about the demo.  It will be next Saturday (July 27, 2013) at 10:30 am.  It only lasts until noon, but I hope to cover a lot of ground in that short time.  Here is the blurb from their website.

I think that pretty well covers it, but here is a bit more information.  Last time it was a big success and I had a lot of fun.  I think a few attendees even learned a thing or two.  This time I hope to do things a little differently and we may find time for more audience participation.  Planing practice anyone?


In bigger news, I’m coming back Monday (July 29th 6-10pm) for another class (not free).  Why pay $35 for a class?  Four hours of hands on instruction, hands on practice, personal plane inspections, and if we get at least 6 new participants I will give away a free, functional bench plane.  I haven’t figured out which one just yet – stay tuned.  As an added bonus, attendees only pay for the class once.  Anyone can come back free of charge as many times as I teach it.  I hope we will get some returns so you can impress the new students with your hand plane skills!

This time I plan to do a better job than the last class.  How so? Last class I demonstrated honing, but not enough on grinding.  This time I will bring a newly acquired grinder that runs on cake (or your favorite tasty treat).  Its big, its fun, and I will need an assistant.  We will cover and demonstrate sharpening from start to finish.  If you want to get the most out of this class, check out these resources that I put together – most are free online.  Consider it your pre-work.


Lastly, after the last class there was some discussion of offering a Hand Plane 2 class.  If you are interested, please let Mrs Rita know.  I think it would be a great class (joinery planes and more bench plane techniques).

Hope to see you at the woodwork shop!


Bob Jones

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