Simple Plane Storage (Free to good home)


Simple and effective plane rack

Before I built my tool cabinet, I built this storage rack.  I’m posting it here for 2 reasons.  First, someone may be looking for an easy way to store their planes that requires very little time or materials to produce.  Second, someone in the Memphis area can have this one (unloaded) for free.  I don’t need it but I hate to throw it away.  I work in Memphis and live in North MS, so if you are willing to pick it up you can have it for free (sorry, no shipping).  The first person to comment “I’ll take it” on this blog post gets it.

Construction details – it is a 2ft x 4ft piece of 3/4in ply.  I used my table saw (long gone now) to cut groves in it wide enough to hold 1/8 hardboard with a friction fit.  This guarantees the planes stay vertical.  Then I screwed in a cleat on the bottom (3/4in square MDF) to keep the planes from sliding down the wall.  Lastly, I put in eye bolts at the top with shoelace strings to serve as a safety net, “just in case”.  This actually helped once when I was moving a really long board and accidentally hit my Number 4 plane and the string caught it.  Whew!


Side view – I miscalculated the angle a bit.  The screws at the top pull in so tight that the horizontal supports barley even touch the wall.  Lag screws are pretty strong.

I don’t remember what angle off the wall I used.  I cut the angle in the 2×4 board at the top using my bandsaw.  I just guessed at the angle and it worked out fine.  This thing was way overbuilt.  It was attached to the wall with lag screws at the top.  I literally could (and did) hang from this thing and it did not flex or complain one bit.

There are several nice things about the design.  Easy access, super fast to build, minimal materials required, flexible to store a range of sizes and other tools, too.  Of course, there are also a few drawbacks:  it’s not very space efficient, tools are exposed to dust and open to damage from long pieces of wood carelessly moved around.  And don’t forget that it is not as cool as a cabinet.

plane-rack3 joint_prep-7

Before and after shots. It worked well at the end of the bench, so that is where I mounted my cabinet.  My walls are a lot cleaner now, too!

Please excuse the poor picture quality.  I took these pictures long before I started this blog.

Bob Jones

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