A Dutch Distraction


How’s this for a sketch?  I don’t really need one since I am basically following a plan.

As a general rule I do not start new woodworking projects until I completely finish the previous project.  With this post I am breaking that rule.  I decided to interrupt my dresser build with another project – a “Dutch Tool Chest” (featured in the new Popular Woodworking Magazine).  Why would I break my own rule?  I’ve been wanting to build one of these since I first saw it on the Lost Art Press Blog.  Even though I use my tool cabinet for most of my tools, this chest would be practical for tool transport.  I teach hand plane classes occasionally at the woodwork shop and I always feel ashamed when I unload tools from cardboard boxes.  Of course the main reason to make this chest is that I think it will be a fun build.


The lumber for the tool chest sits atop the pieces of the dresser case.  It’s the short, light colored stuff at the back.  This should be all of the wood required except the lid.  It really is a material conserving design.

There are two reasons to build now.  First was a pallet, well more like a huge solid wood, fully boxed crate.  The crate was made with lots of pine (I think) that was reasonably clear and FREE.  Rather than pulling endless nails, I cut the panels in pieces removing the largest sections of relatively nail free boards.  I was able to get enough lumber that was about 28 inches long which is prefect for this build.  I will have to patchwork the pieces together from narrow boards, but that is nothing new.

The second reason to build now was an email I received from the woodwork shop asking me to teach 2 more handplane classes.  I knew I had to attempt building this chest in time for the first class (early November).  I don’t know if that will leave me enough time to complete it, but I’m going to try.  I am not able to spend very much time in my shop in a normal week and I have two weeks of vacation planned between now and then.  I may not do a detailed build description because my time is short and the write up in Chris’s article is really complete enough on its own.  We will just see what works out.  Wish me luck!

mag article

This chest is based on a nice article in the new Popular Woodworking Magazine.

Curious to see other Dutch Tool Chest builds?  Check out the Lost Art Press, Popular Woodworking Magazine, and She Works Wood Blogs.  All three are very helpful sources that I am referencing as I build.

Bob Jones

7 thoughts on “A Dutch Distraction

    1. Bob Jones Post author

      Thanks. I moved that pic to my “about” page based on a suggestion from my lovely wife. She said it made it more clear the blog was primarily about woodworking.

  1. Travis

    I just finished this project. It took me about twenty hours (more time than I thought it would) to complete. I can sent pics if you would like.

    1. Bob Jones Post author

      Email me (bobjones2000@yahoo.com) the pics and your thoughts on the build. I’d like to post them here if they are not posted lots of other places. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Frank

    Yeah, also on my wish list. First need to finish my never-ending conventional tool chest, though!
    African time…..
    “The faster a thing is created, the more fleeting its permanence.”
    Friedensreich Hundertwasser
    Best regards
    Cape Town


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