Quick review – Firestone Knife Sharpener


Kitchen knives are used in the kitchen, but the camera was already set up in my shop.

No, this is not strictly woodworking, but it is about tools.  I recently picked up a Firestone Knife Sharpener from my friends at the woodwork shop, and I really like it.  I have been looking for a simple way to sharpen kitchen knives and this thing is just that – simple and consistent.  I was using my Lansky set, but that took a long time (maybe it was just me) and replicating the bevel angle is not as easy as it looks.  This Firestone is super quick and gets a nice edge.  The first time I used the Firestone I sharpened 3 kitchen knives in about 15 minutes.  They went from really dull to sharp and it was super simple.  Just hold the knife vertical and draw it through the coarse stones a few times, then the fine stones a few times.  During the first few draws over each stone I felt a little chatter.  I figure that must be the burr on the edge being worn away by the stones. After the first few draws the chatter was gone and the blade was sharp.

I’ve now used it to sharpen my primary kitchen knife at least 4 times (letting it dull naturally between) and I’m still really happy with the sharpener.  Each time I sharpen the process gets faster and seems to have a better edge.  I’m really impressed.  Anyone who has learned to sharpen knows that it is easier to get a great edge once than it is to consistently get a great edge.  Not bad for less than $25!

Bob Jones

2 thoughts on “Quick review – Firestone Knife Sharpener

  1. Bill Horton

    Bob, the woodwork shop does not list the sharpener on line. If you ever run across a good jointer plane that is reasonable in price let me know. Thanks and God bless you. Bill Horton

    1. Bob Jones Post author

      Their online store is pretty new. I would go to the store if you live nearby. Otherwise I think you can find them on amazon. I don’t have any jointers for sale right now, but one of my early posts listed all my favorite sources. Thanks for the comment!


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