Another fun hand plane class


About to get going – thankfully I remembered a camera for this class.

Thanks to the guys who showed up for the first ever Hand Plane II class at the woodwork shop in Memphis, TN.  I had a great time teaching and demonstrating joinery and bench planes and I think the students enjoyed it, too.  Everyone was able to try their hand at a router, plow, shoulder, and skew rabbet planes.  Just for fun, I made them struggle with my Left-hand Veritas Skew Rabbet Plane before I brought out the right-hand version.  I really enjoy messing with right-handed people.  I’m proud to say that each student was able to use each of the planes once they understood how to position their hands, body, and feet for accurate work.


A couple of students checking out my new tool chest.  The gentleman on the right won the plane giveaway in the last class.  Thanks, Mr. Skip, for coming back for round two!

As in previous classes, there was a mix of hand plane collectors and people who have never seen a plane actually shave wood.  I would suspect that most woodworkers don’t know the value of joinery planes, so hopefully these students will be the exception.  They should have an appreciation for what these planes can do to make time in the shop more practical and enjoyable.


Congrats Daniel!  Thanks for coming to both hand plane classes – your persistence paid off!

I know that Daniel got his money’s worth, because he won the prize of the night.  Prize?  For a door prize I gave away an antique tool chest that I found on Craigslist.  It has been saved from an unknown fate at Goodwill.  It should serve him well for years to come.  I expect to see pics of it filled with tools!

A special thanks to Mrs. Rita for inviting me back to the shop again.  Teaching this class is really fun!

Bob Jones

3 thoughts on “Another fun hand plane class

  1. Skip Wilbur

    Hey Bob,
    Thanks for passing the knowledge of “un-plugged” to us “plug types”. I’m feeling more confident in combining the two. So after the class I get home and find a Bailey #7 that was my dad’s. I just sent it off to Lone Pine Toolworks for them to do a complete restoration, I might have to build a display case for it when it gets back.


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