“I hope this means something to someone… ughhhh”


Says my sweet wife as she proofs my most recent post.  “What?  ‘Shooting the end grain to the line’ doesn’t mean anything to you? Hmmm, I don’t know how else to say it.”  “In that case, good luck to anyone reading it.  At least I corrected all the misspelled words”.  “Thanks, you’re great.  Besides, you know I just write for myself.”  “That’s good, because I don’t think anyone else will get it.”

My lovely wife is my editor, though she claims to know nothing about woodworking.  She proofs most of my posts (not this one) in a vain attempt to deceive at least two readers into believing that my grammar and spelling are beyond a primary school level (hardly the case, I are an en-jun-eer).

What’s my point?  I realize that my last post probably had no audience.  Experienced woodworkers already know how to make 15 types of cutting boards (thanks WOOD magazine) and new woodworkers do not know half of the jargon that I was using to describe the process.  So, my apologies to all three of you who read the post.  I was just excited about completing a project so quickly that I had to write about it.

If you are ever unsure about a word or phrase used here, please use the comment section to ask for clarity.  Conversely, if you ever notice an error, please be kind enough to correct me.  I’m glad to take any questions (and criticisms) because it will make my writing better.  On second thought, let’s avoid questions on a few volatile topics.


What species of wood is “best” for a workbench?


What is the “right” way to sharpen my tools?

joinery_planes layout1

Who makes the “highest quality” tools today?

That should do it.  All other questions are fair game here at TCTC.  Thanks for reading, by the way.

Bob Jones

8 thoughts on ““I hope this means something to someone… ughhhh”

  1. stjones911

    OK, I’ll correct you; “vein attempt” should probably be “vain attempt” (although I have opened up a vein or two while attempting something in my shop). Here’s my question – what’s the saw nib for? You’ve had two replies so far; I wonder when the third guy is going to chime in. BTW, I do read the blog regularly.

  2. Jeffrey L. Brann

    Let’s see..Q1 “What is the best wood for my bench”
    I prefer the kind that comes from a very large tree!
    Q2 “What is the best way to sharpen my tools?”
    Whatever makes the tool SHARP!
    Q3 “Who makes the highest quality tools today?”
    So what are talking about here? Chisels or table saws. I like Veritas, Lie Nielsen, Ray Isle and a few others for hand tool stuff but again budget has to be the main consideration. But if not then go buy your woodworking planes from one of the custom plane makers who make Infill planes that may cost upwards of $2k!


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