Closing thoughts on the Dutch Tool Chest project

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I know I did not include enough information in these posts to build the DTC, that was not my purpose.  Read the article in PWWM, it has everything needed.  I just wanted to document my build.  On that note, here are my closing thoughts on the project.


Will I ever “finish” the chest?

That’s relative.  I may paint it one day, but I don’t think it’s necessary.  I will probably add more tool storage to the inside as I have need to transport more tools, like saws.


What about the size of the DTC?

The size of the DTC is great.   I made mine a little longer than standard, but shorter would be fine.  It’s small enough to be moved around by one person and big enough to hold the most important tools with no wasted space when full.

Should a beginning woodworker tackle this project?

Yes.  This is a great “entry level” project to hand tools, or just woodworking in general.  The chest will teach you lessons in all of the most important skills for furniture building; board selection, milling lumber, case joinery, case glue-up, nailing, hardware installation, and on and on.


Would you build this chest again?

My Dutch Tool Chest has a purpose – a nice packing crate.  It should serve that purpose very well and it required minimal effort to construct.  My DTC is not intended to be “permanent” tool storage, protecting tools from years of dust. It is not intended to showcase my skills as a builder.  That’s what my tool cabinet does for me.  If I needed something more portable for definitive storage, I would build a traditional chest.  Like my wall cabinet, that chest would be made from nice hardwood, premium hardware, inlay, and include fitted tool storage.  I built my wall hanging cabinet this way and may still build a portable version one day.  Time will tell.

Bob Jones 

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