I thought you were a woodworker…?


We just had these cabinets built for our living room.

The title of this post is the most common response I hear when people see our new built-in cabinets and find out that I did not build them.  Why on earth would a “woodworker” pay someone else to build custom cabinets?  Because it made sense, that’s why.  I don’t like to build this style of cabinet and it would have taken me a very long time, so I would have been frustrated and annoyed during construction.  By farming out the construction and to a custom shop we got just what we wanted and fast.


Before the “pro” showed up we cleared the wall of all obstacles.


Installed in a day.  Amazing, from my timeline.  At this point I took over (with help).  Paying a good painter is expensive and painting didn’t take very long.

This is not my trypical how-to type post.  I’m posting this to show that I do not DIY with every home project.  I limit myself to the projects I enjoy or the ones that I can not afford to hire out.  Maybe since this is finished I can go back to real furniture projects.

Bob Jones

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