Three legged stool – 2 year build!

Forgive the low quality cell phone pic, but here is my best attempt at a staked stool.

I’ve been away from woodworking for too long and now it’s time to build again. I mentioned this stool in my last post as a design in process. I now have a finalized design that I want to share with the inter webs. I need to take a few higher quality pictures and improve my build notes, but I think this picture will show the intermediate builder everything critical to construction.

Until I take time to make a complete build write up, who wants to play a little game? What can you gather about this build from the image? The answer (shared as a comment) with the greatest insight wins. Hint – there is one subtle joinery technique that makes this build super simple. Good luck guessing!

One more question. I’ve given a little thought to turning this project into a weekend class. I live in the Memphis TN area. If you would have any interest in building this stool in a weekend, drop a comment below. You would not need any tools, skill, or lumber. I would cap the class at 4 students and we would meet in my shop. Timing is TBD.

Bob Jones

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