My blog is all about woodworking and building furniture, but that’s not what I am all about.  What am I about? Doing my best to serve God and my family.  Serving my family is probably something that everyone grasps pretty easily, but to a non-Christian it may seem strange that I believe I serve God daily; I’m not a priest or minister of any kind.  I do not even hold an “office” at my church.  I believe (based on teaching in the Bible) that we serve God by following Him daily in our regular activities like doing good, helping others, serving others, loving unconditionally, providing for your family, being faithful to your spouse, giving to others, and numerous other really difficult but simple things.


Despite how this sounds, serving God is not a list of “do’s and dont’s”.  It is really about perspective.  Get your heart and mind in the right place and these things will happen naturally through God’s leading.  I do not walk around every day constantly dwelling on how I need to not cheat on my wife.  I remain faithful because I love her and I want to be kind to her.  See, the result may be the same (faithfulness), but one method is obligation the other is love.  Which of these do you think is sustainable?  Only Love.  Obligation eventually makes us weary and we fail.  Love never fails.  I am not a perfect husband (or Christian), but the love of God compels me to strive to be.

Perspective also means knowing who (or what) you are on your own without God.  Have you ever lied? Ever cheated on a test? Ever had a lustful thought about another person? Ever stolen anything (even small)?  Ever driven over the speed limit?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are like everyone else – not perfect.  So, if you are not perfect  then you are not as good as God (who is perfect).  It follows that if you are not as good as God, why should He call you His child and invite you into His home?  That’s where Jesus comes into the mix.

Yep, Jesus.  It’s a long story (about the length of the Bible) but the super short version is that God is perfect (without sin) and can not stand to be around imperfection (sin).  All of us have done something wrong in our lives, so none of us are good enough to come to God on our own merit.  But there was one who was perfect – Jesus, the Son of God.  Yep, no sin in Jesus.  So, since He had no sin He could take our punishment for our sin, which He willingly did (death, torture, humiliation) so that we would not have to take it ourselves.  Now, all we have to do is have the right perspective, realizing we are not good enough on our own and believe that Jesus is who He said He was and let Jesus carry our punishment.  Once you do this, your perspective changes and you will notice changes in your life.  It’s an adventure!


My tool cabinet is not some religious icon to me, but it was designed to be a reflection of what is important to me.  Every time I look at it I am reminded of the price that Christ paid for me.  Perhaps you think me a hypocrite for having expensive tools and not giving all I have to the poor.  Perhaps I am, but I don’t think so.  I believe that I am following my calling and having a little fun along the way.  Hey, it got you to read this gospel message, right?

If this page bothers you, feel free to ignore it and stick to the woodworking content. It’s my hope you find it helpful.  If it really bothers you, let me make it worse – that irritant in your mind could be something called conviction.  God calls us to serve Him.  When we ignore that call, conviction follows to draw us to Him (like a moth to a flame, but the moth has free will).

Bob Jones