Finally a project


First blog project!  A cardboard shelf.  Well, the real project will be a wooden shelf, but I made a quick cardboard prototype.  This will be a shelf to go below a wall mount flat screen tv to hold a dvd player, pictures, or anything else for display.  Right now that stuff sits on top of a low chest (aka a dresser) and the wires handing down look pretty sloppy.

This prototype was not for the benefit of readers, it was for me.  Why bother? Well, this is an “original” design and I wanted to see how it would fit for my application.  Drawings alone are just not enough (see my “history” page).  If I’m not copying dimensions from a completed piece, I always mock something up because it makes a good outcome more likely.  Point in case, I originally was going to make it 4 inches wider and 2 inches deeper, but I made that model and realized that it was way too big for a shelf.

This shelf will be 24in long, 12in deep, and made of 3 pieces of wood.  The top and 2 supports below it.  All 3 pieces will be about 1in thick and will be cut from one 36in long board (see the pic below).  I plan to mount it to the wall with brackets from woodcraft. I think they were called keyhole brackets.  Here are all the supplies needed for this simple project.


Notice the brackets and drywall anchors.  That’s it.  This would be a quick project for anyone except me. 🙂  There are only 3 boards to prep and 2 joints to cut.  Here we go!

Bob Jones

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