My little whittler


I heard a quote about parenting that goes something like this, “You have to tell your children ‘no’ most of the time so say ‘yes’ any time you can”.  I think credit goes to Dr. James Dobson.  I practice that philosophy by saying ‘yes’ anytime I can with my girls.  When I see them writing on their arms with pen, I laugh and say  it looks nice.  When they play in the mud, I get out the water hose and wait for them to finish.  And when my 8 year old daughter asked for a knife, I decided it was time to say ‘yes’.

I let her select the knife, with my guidance.  We bought one that fit her hand and was made in the USA.  I sharpened it up and proceeded to show her how to handle it safely.   Once I let her go with her knife and a nice chunk of softwood, she started having fun with it.  I watched her work for the first few minutes to give her instruction and she did great.  I told her there was a boat trapped in that block and she needed to find it.  That will take a while.


For anyone who thinks I’m reckless, my 5 year old daughter wants a knife like her big sister but I am telling her ‘no’ a little longer.

Bob Jones

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