I’ve heard it said that your true character is revealed when you are alone. Apparently I am truly a compulsive plane collector. The rest of my family went out of town for a few days last week and this is what happened. It started innocently enough. I have a preference for a particular type of plane (Type 11 Bailey) and I thought it would be prudent to buy a backup for the sizes I use most often in case I carelessly drop one. So, I started watching eBay and placed a few “wanted” posts at Woodnet and Sawmill Creek woodworking forums. Next thing I know I have several really good offers.  I accepted the offers and then I won a couple of auctions that I thought I wouldn’t.  After that I was offered a couple of trades (no cash exchanged) exchanging more planes for tools I wan’t using. The planes were literally coming in every day for 3 or 4 days.  Now I’m covered in planes that need my attention. Someone needed to get these planes back in working order, so it might as well be me. The dresser project can wait a little while I suppose.


I really like tuning them up. It’s fun to start with the one on the left and invest a few hours to get to the one on the right.  Well, at least it’s cheaper than restoring old motorcycles or cars. I’ve done a bit of both.

By the way – My family did return in time to see a few incoming boxes.  I repented and promised to sell enough of them to repay what I spent. I plan to tune each of them up to be great users and sell them on this blog. If you see something you want in the picture and would like to buy it before I list it, leave a comment or email me at . They will be nice and ready to work – but not cheap.  Hopefully the sales will fund the original intent (3 backups for me) and a few giveaways for upcoming classes.  I like to give away a well tuned plane with each paid class at the woodwork shop.  So, buying a plane from me is kinda like giving to other woodworkers.

Bob Jones

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